Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Sudoku Vision for Community Development

We should consider the Sudoku puzzle as a good model when thinking about ways to develop our communities. When properly solved, each Sudoku puzzle becomes a Utopian model of community inclusion and balance.

Generally what I perceive in our community building however, here in Nova Scotia's cities, in my area Pictou County and elsewhere is unequal, non-inclusive and unbalanced.(...continued)

The wealthy are gathered in their neighbourhoods as far away as possible from the ghettoized poor.

Most towns expend little if any effort attempting to build from within on what they already have.

Instead, they make a big show of competing with one another trying to capture the phony development that might sail in - be that the largess of some government funded initiative or the favour of some company from away that may set up shop in town amd provide a little employment for awhile until it no longer suits the company's business plan.The End - Return to main page

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