Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Trenton Dreamer

This week I heard from a Trenton dreamer who felt moved to pick up the phone and call. I think dreamers in any town are extremely important people. They are folks who can see opportunities and possibilities where others view only hopeless situations. This particular gentleman was at home on Ninth Street dreaming of the possibility of operating a pellet plant in the Car Works building instead of just a flea market. He saw my name and picture in your Monday morning paper and decided to call for my opinion. But let me continue. (...continued)

I told the gentleman that I agreed with him. The Car Works property should be put to more productive use than just a flea market and ideas for its future use should come from local people rather than trying to find an outside company to come here to take it over. Good internal development will always be stronger and more permanent.
I often pass that Car Works building on my way home to Pictou and I have my own dream for it. There is a very specialized rail car used in parts of Europe that I believe could be economically manufactured and marketed from there. So we shared our dreams. I asked him who owned the property and he replied, "the receiver" – whoever that is. Neither of us knew but we felt the town leadership, the mayor and council would know.

So I told this gentleman that those town leaders were the people he should be approaching because bringing that Trenton industrial site back to life as a community development will require the town’s leadership to take a lead role. I also assured him that, if invited, I certainly would be willing to be involved to assist with planning and do what I can and I am certain that there are many others who would pitch in likewise.
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